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Bill O'Connor


Mr. O’Connor is an entrepreneur that has been involved with a number of successful and varied ventures over the last three decades. Including the operation of a retirement home chain in the Midwest with oversight of over 1000 employees. Instrumental in the introduction of facsimile technology into mainstream business in conjunction with IBM and Burroughs as his major suppliers, he was a co-developer of Angel computers, the first rent-to-own computer company in Southern California after playing a vital role in the implementation and provision of Korean parts and assembly into the industry.

A former broker for Buchanan and Company, focusing on real estate limited partnerships, he established himself as a financial advisor for the Legacy Foundation, a charitable organization undertaking research into frequency-based medicine. Having held C-suite positions on several continents, his diverse C-suite roles entailed roles in window manufacturing, Costa Rican Casino ventures, Healthy Builds Australia along with serving as Director of Marketing for Odorchem Manufacturing, a chemical manufacturing and distribution corporation, headquartered in western Canada with responsibility for worldwide sales. Most recently he was a founding partner and director of marketing for Paragon Processing the largest industrial-scale hemp processing, manufacturing, and storage facility in the United States. Bill brings many years of exposure and a deep understanding of start-up financing and overall components critical to success. He has been licensed in a number of areas (Series 7, Insurance, Real Estate) thorough the years and brings diversified knowledge regarding multiple types of business and a broad set of skills that reflect that experience.