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Ken Horton


Ken has years of experience in the facility health industry. He brings a comprehensive approach to facility health from floorcare, IAQ, cleaning for health, and disinfection to training and networking with experts in the field. His extensive research and product promotion helps provide sought-after answers to business executives. Ken collaborates with other industry leaders who share the Safe Facility Services goals, leading to of effective, safe, and sustainable health solutions.

Ken is also the owner of WCP Facility Solutions, formerly known as Western Concrete Products, a company that distributes products, resources, training, and consulting for healthy facilities to the contracting world of concrete repair, restoration and facility care. This ranges from floor care to environmentally sustainable solutions for operations. He has been in the concrete restoration world for over 20 years and for the last 12 years the business has grown into the field of environmental disinfection. This has led to the building of a facility health resource approach to the various industries from distribution warehouses to healthcare. This model partners with facility staff to identify and solve problems through better products, systems, training and other solutions.

It is a collaborative model and with the connection to different industries, vendors, manufacturers and industry experts, it can lead to varying levels of involvement from facility managers to service providers. Ken’s background as a business owner, a business consultant, and experience in the financial industry has enhanced his ability to understand the service provider, yet the experience working together with engineering and corporate interests has also created and opened many avenues of cooperation with large facilities. He also coordinates other companies' efforts in the facility health arena such as Safe Facility Services and more to bring greater impact to facilities of all kinds.

He is an Accredited Infection Prevention expert and has participated in bringing multiple products to market. He lives in the Greenville, SC area and maintains a close connection with the Arizona market as WCPFS is still based there.

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