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Marc Malakie

Business Development

Marc brings a number of extremely varied and diverse skill sets to Trinks Consulting. Holding several positions throughout his career in both private sectors and nonprofit entities with responsibilities encompassing Business to Business sales organizations, marketing, promotion, and business development with concentrations in the Hemp/Cannabis space, Extracts, Telecommunications, Internet Service Providers, fine and performing arts, “alternative rock” band management, live music event, and DVD production. He has been a driving force in many charitable efforts, arranging, promoting, and implementing several large events for cancer, stroke relief benefits and economic empowerment fundraisers in conjunction with his experience as Regional Account Manager for the National Oncology Alliance.

Based out of San Francisco, Marc is well versed in the West Coast compliance measures surrounding hemp growers, wholesale hemp seed sales, processing, CBD production, and distribution, as well as innovative health and safety infection control products emerging from the SF Bay Area. He attended both American River and Sacramento City Colleges, and currently works at expanding the TCG footprint by developing well-founded relationships, Strategic Alliances, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Empathetic towards all walks of life, Marc has a deep interest and passion for helping others, whether in his personal life, or as a member of the group. In his spare time, he enjoys live music, cooking, and educating himself about plant-based proteins and various wildlife, particularly corvids.

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